Sunday, 23 August 2015

First Lush haul and reviews!

Being a massive lover of Lush (saying "massive" always makes me think of Harry *embarassing giggle*) there are a few product that in my opinion stand out from all the others. My favourite products have to be bath bombs and fresh masks (thank God we have Cupcake or my face would be covered in spots and redness). Beside these I think the "Fresh Pharmacy" cleanser and the "D'Fluff" shaving soap are also lifesavers. So roll on to the proper haul thingy, I bought:
 (I've used everything before)

-Karma Bubble Bar:
 the scent is a bit strong, they sell it as "exotic orange and patchouli fragrance" so you can imagine it yourself. Crumbling this into your bath you get a decent amount of bubbles but I have to be honest, they won't last until you get out of your tub. If you are looking for something different from classic scents this is absolutely perfect. It leaves you as a fully energised new person.
(I'm not too sure why but in Italy we still have the old version apparently)

-Space girl: you have seen it everywhere on Tumblr for sure; it is my favourite bath bomb since I first discovered Lush. It turns your water in a lovely purple color with red and gold glitters, leaves skin soft and last but not least the fragrance is just lovely (fruity but not sickingly sweet). This is also cheap compared to other bath bombs, you get a full size one for 3 euros something.  Links: not available online anymore, check this out *not copying her I just think her photos are amazing :)*

-Thank God It's Friday: an avocado and lemon scented bath bomb, perfect for a morning bath, I would say it is almost as moisturizing as Butterball, turns bath water in a light green shade with a few gold glitters. In its simplicity it does the job: a fresh smelling bath bomb to use in summer, after sports, or just when you feel a bit under the weather. Links:

-Ickle baby bot/Uforobò: shaped in a tiny light blue robot, it is meant to be for babies or children's bath time. Having a lively 5 years old sister running around singing without even the smallest of thoughts to go to bed, when I bought this for the first time my mum was excited to see if it worked and IT WORKS. It's probably our 10th and still buying, I would definetely recommend it. Links:

-Tea tree toner tab: pop this in a bowl filled with boiling water, amazing for an at home facial. It has tea tree oil in it so useful for spots but quite drying on the skin, always moisturize after. Fresh smell, not too expensive but effective. My brother is having greasy skin at the moment and this has helped a lot.  Links:  

-Honey I Washed The Kids/Nonsimangia: Lush cult! Rubbing this between your hands you can smell honey and caramel. What else can I'll be tempted to eat it. Links:

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  1. I love Spacegirl! and I really want to try thank god its friday and the tea tree toner, they sound AMAZING!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. P.S. Lovely blog (probably already said it haha)